Will the Tortoise or the Hare Win the Green Rush?

February 2, 2019 | 10:00 am | Room 2 | Business / Legal

We are in the middle of a “Green Rush,”  so fastest to the finish line wins the race, right? Wrong.  You can’t cut corners and still achieve sustainable growth and success.  Sound strategy, clear records, and well-documented corporate governance practices are vital to attract the best terms from business partners, private investors and suppliers; as well as to appease cannabis bankers and regulators.

Roger Jones, Partner at Hauser Jones and Sas, will explain the 7 corporate habits of highly successful cannabis entrepreneurs and how slow and steady wins the race.


Roger Jones

Roger A Jones, CPA, Partner at Hauser Jones & Sas

Roger A Jones is a partner at Hauser Jones and Sas, a public accounting firm with offices in Bellevue and Puyallup. Roger Jones has been auditing for more than 25 years. As a recognized credit union expert, he is a frequent presenter at firm sponsored events, at financial literacy training sessions, CUES round table meetings, and the NWCUA annual convention. Today he helps clients in a wide variety of industries as an auditor, consultant, CPA and overall financial resource.

Most of the firm’s closely held business clients are under 500 employees; Roger helps them power the American economy by improving profits, minimizing taxes and finding efficiencies. Throughout his career, Roger has made friends with a lot of clients because they spend so much time together during each annual engagement – even today some of his best friends started out as audit clients; which is one of the main things he loves about being an accountant. For Roger and for the firm of Hauser Jones and Sas, it’s the people (not the numbers).