Why Does Testing Take So Long: The Ins and Outs of Analytical Testing

September 28, 2019 | 4:20 pm | Room 1 | Operations Management

Analytical Testing is a complex process that requires precision with each step.  Instrument maintenance is also paramount to producing accurate results.  With a greater understanding of the analytical process, growers and producers can have a better expectation of the outcome of their testing.

In an easy-to-follow format, Ian Cameron hopes to educate growers and producers regarding the intricacies of analytical testing and method development and answer often-asked questions regarding turn around times, accuracy, and legitimacy of testing in the cannabis industry.


Ian Cameron, Lab Director/Lead Chemist, Scissortail Laboratory, LLC

Ian has 20+ years of experience in the environmental analysis field & moved into the cannabis space several years ago as the National Lab Director for a series of labs on the west coast. He has recently opened an analytical & processing lab in OKC.