Visual Merchandising Basics to Build Store Sales

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Visual Merchandising, known as the science behind sales, is the art and science of arranging and displaying your products and services to entice customers, create a positive brand image, and maximize your sales. How products are displayed and presented to your customers impacts how they value the products, the brand, and ultimately their decision to purchase a product or walk away.

During this session, ZenGenius’ visual merchandising expert, Meg Lefeld, will share examples of compelling displays and share her knowledge on visual merchandising basics and trends. Attendees will better understand the power of Visual Merchandising and the best merchandising practices to implement in their stores to drive foot traffic and increase sales.

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Meg Lefeld; Project Manager; ZenGenius, Inc.

As Business Development Manager for ZenGenius, Inc., a visual merchandising and event design agency headquartered in Columbus, Ohio, Meg Lefeld elevates the client experience for retailers and brands around the world. Managing visual projects, planning and implementing strategic initiatives, training workshops and marketing plans, Meg sets high expectations for herself and her team while remaining a firm believer in making work fun. She is often found pranking and surprising coworkers, or relaxing with her office dog Sunny, an ornery Welsh Corgi.

Meg has been recognized as one of design:retail Magazine’s 40 under 40, an award bestowed upon up-and-coming leaders in the retail industry. Her love for consistency and storytelling, along with persistent demand for customer satisfaction drives her to create lasting brand experiences and activations, making her an invaluable member of the retail and visual merchandising community.