Vertical Farming

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Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA) is a very common approach to cannabis cultivation, especially in geographic regions that prevent farmers from growing outdoors due to climate or regulatory issues. However, most farmers employing CEA are still stuck in the traditional single-tier or “flat” mindset. More recently, the concept of vertical farming has made its way from broader agriculture to cannabis as farmers seek to increase yields and maximize efficiencies of space, time, and energy. This trend is sure to take off, along with the new LED technologies being developed, as farmers think more 3-dimensionally about their grow spaces and building sustainable infrastructures to accommodate this shift in mindset. This presentation will seek to inform attendees about this trend in CEA cultivation and how they might be able to take advantage of such efficiencies in their own grow rooms.

Hunter Holliman

Hunter Holliman; VP of Operations; Grow Glide

Hunter just recently joined Grow Glide as VP of Ops after leaving one of the largest publicly traded Multi-State Operators (MSOs) in the sector as a Vice President of Product Innovation on the operations side, having spent 5 years helping to grow the business from a startup to a thriving publicly-traded company with assets in 8 states and employing over 600 people. Combined with the experience gained while working with a medical cannabis lobbying organization in DC, Hunter brings a unique professional perspective to the cannabis industry that spans everything from public policy and application writing to operations and product development.