The Power of Partnerships

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The objective to the presentation will be sharing how businesses can team together to create partnerships and extend the opportunities of their brands and products, as well as Illustrating the power of cobranding and partnerships


Chet Tucker, Executive Director – Arcadia Brands

Chet Tucker is the executive director of a cannabis holding company that includes cannabis & CBD edible processing for Arcadia Brands, Great Plains Extracts (Utokies), and the CBD brand of Arcadia Pure. Chet also serves as a brand strategist and minority partner for a top shelf indoor cannabis farm, Dreamleaf Farms. Chet also plays an integral part of promoting an Oklahoma state built cannabis championship & music festival, The Cowboy Cup. Held December 4th & 5th at The Tumbleweed in Stillwater, Arcadia & Utokies have sponsored “The Lettuce Lounge” which will be a centerpiece lounge of the Cowboy Cup, creating a space to lounge, medicate, eat & drink.