The Etiquette of Engaging Law Enforcement: How to Shut the F&*# Up

August 4, 2023 | 1:00 pm | Room 1 | Business / Legal

The Etiquette of Engaging Law Enforcement: How to Shut the F&*# Up (when cops ask questions) is a Performance Seminar that includes detailed instructions on how to peacefully engage with law enforcement when getting pulled over (or raided).  You will learn how to maintain all of your constitutional and civil rights, remedies and defenses to be used afterwards in court defending criminal charges and/or bringing a Civil Action for violation of your rights.  The Performance Seminar also includes and Question and Answer session as well as a Live Audience version of THE SCRIPT CHALLENEGE, followed by a one of a kind Performance of the Slam Poem AM I BEING DETAINED OR AM I FREE TO GO?  The Pot Brothers at Law also stick around after for autograph and pictures.


Marc and Craig Wasserman, Pot Brothers at Law

 Marc Wasserman

Marc Wasserman made his mark in the world of arts and entertainment by writing his own screenplay. Branching out from the arts, Marc decided to practice law subsequently passing The California State Bar Exam the same year Proposition 215 was passed. Rather than work for a big law firm, Marc opened his own office practicing criminal defense. His background in the arts combined with his legal expertise has contributed to the successful development of various platforms including Cannabis Talk 101 and Pot Brothers at Law with his older brother Craig; which are utilized for advocacy and education regarding the laws surrounding cannabis. IG: @Wasslaw @dabbinglawyer

Craig Wasserman

Craig Wasserman, a native of Southern California, successfully practiced litigation for various law firms before deciding to open his own. He currently practices business Cannabis law, permitting and licensing, as well as, business litigation and workers compensation law.  It was Craig’s son, Jerett, who influenced him to concentrate on cannabis law as far back as 1996.  Jerett wanted to start a business in the cannabis industry and Craig was determined to ensure Jerett stayed compliant and safe under the cannabis law. With over 30 years of legal experience and extensive knowledge, Craig continues to advocate for others who wish to professionally and legally work in the cannabis industry; not only through Cannabis Talk 101, but also through Pot Brothers at Law with his little brother Marc. IG: @Wasslawdog