The life & death importance of quality Medical Cannabis Access for Veterans.

February 2, 2019 | 2:40 pm | Room 2 |

Learn how to make a difference in a Veterans life in the nearly dead Medical Cannabis Market in Washington State. Join 4 Veteran/Cannabis Activist’s & 1 Gold Star wife (By Suicide) as they share there stories of survival in this uncertain Cannabis Market.

twenty22many | oklahoma cannabis market


Twenty22Many was born (2014) out of a Medical Cannabis Safe Access Point called Rainier Xpress… Twenty22Many is the true definition of grassroots all volunteer veterans outreach charity organization… In 2016 Twenty22Many hand delivered legislation that added PTSD to Washington States List of qualifying conditions for medical cannabis use… allowing Veterans to safely use Medical Cannabis without fear of losing their VA benefits…. Patrick Seifert (Founder) was the very first Patient and Veteran to receive a Medical Cannabis Authorization for PTSD in the state…along with creating the first and only Program for FREE Medical Cannabis for Veterans… Now depending on what day it is you will find Veterans enjoying Art & Crafts Night, Yoga, Kick Boxing or learning in our Education Center… Mission, Purpose and Medical Cannabis Education have been key to keeping our Veterans alive.

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