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The Importance of Selecting the Right Products and Partner for Your Lab Build

June 26, 2021 | 2:30 pm | 320 | Processing

This presentation is aimed at giving the audience the tools they need to navigate the industry. Giving the entrepreneurs who want to thrive all the knowledge they need. Knowing what to expect and how to strategically steer through various potential obstacles. Teaching our audience the possible products that can be made and translating those products to specific equipment.
Our objective is to help entrepreneurs looking to enter the industry. We also want to educate businesses and individuals of what equipment is available within the industry. We want to correlate that equipment to specific products and give our audience the knowledge they need. We also want to give the audience the confidence that they need to seek the right partners.
Mike Maibach

Michael Maiback; CEO; Lab Society

Mike has turned his passion for developing cannabis-specific laboratory equipment into a thriving company. After graduating with a degree in Environmental Science (with a focus on Chemistry and Sustainability), he became an environmental consultant, and soon learned he had a knack for entrepreneurship. Since then, he’s taken a start-up from zero to widely recognized as an industry leader in just a few short years – all before turning 28. More importantly, Mike’s passion to learn and grow as the market matures sets him apart from the rest. His respect for knowledge (and his dedication to never-ending research & development) has kept him at the forefront of an increasingly competitive industry.

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