The Importance of Professionalism In The Cannabis Industry

August 24, 2019 | 3:20 pm | Room 2 | Business / Legal, Finance

What defines a professional? This will cover the various aspects of what it means to be a professional. The importance of why a high standard of professionalism is important to the success of any industry, especially this one. Scott Brodsky will educate those who may not have had any experience working in a professional environment or have a professional mentor to help teach to the standards that define a professional. Explain why it is important to conduct business as a professional.


Scott Brodsky, Director of Sales and Marketing, The Harvest Cup

As the Director of Sales and Marketing, Scott seeks out the finest local talent to exhibit, demonstrate, and educate at The Harvest Cup. As a patient and advocate, Scott has been a proponent for the benefits of Cannabis his entire adult life.