The Impact of Pre-Roll Automation

May 17, 2024 | 12:00 pm | Room 1 | Processing

This presentation explores three crucial sub-topics centered around the significance of automated pre-roll manufacturing. Firstly, it delves into the rapid growth of pre-roll demands in the cannabis industry, shedding light on the increasing need for efficient and scalable production methods. Secondly, it examines the essential factors to determine whether a business is a suitable candidate for pre-roll automation, highlighting the benefits and potential challenges involved. Lastly, the presentation offers insights into the process of selecting and implementing the right pre-roll automation solution, emphasizing the importance of making informed choices to ensure optimal outcomes and success in the market.

Anthony Pagni; Co-Founder, Perfectionist Rolling Equipment

Anthony is a co-owner at Perfectionist Rolling Equipment, driven by his passion for innovative technology in the cannabis industry. With a background in sales and marketing, he specializes in Salesforce B2B Commerce, client relationships, and customer satisfaction.

In his current role, Anthony collaborates with a joint venture of three technology companies, offering a unique solution to mass-produce pre-rolls. Their system can create 8000 weighed and packed pre-rolls per 8-hour shift with one employee. He leads sales and marketing strategies, building long-term client relationships and ensuring exceptional service and support.

Motivated by creating value for customers and contributing to industry growth, Anthony’s diverse experiences bring unique perspectives to the team. His extensive background in the plant-touching cannabis sector, including owning a dispensary and processing facility, informs the design of their pre-roll automation system to meet market quality demands.

Anthony’s dedication to innovation, customer satisfaction, and industry leadership cements his role as an invaluable asset to Perfectionist Rolling Equipment. With him at the helm, the company is poised to revolutionize pre-roll production and empower growers and processors to dominate their markets.