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The Basic Dos and Don’ts of Operating in the Cannabis Industry.

February 2, 2019 | 3:50 pm | Business/Legal Room 2 |

I will dive into some of the most basic issues to pay attention to for anyone looking to enter the cannabis industry. As an attorney in this industry, we see what becomes problematic for our clients, and we have seen some repeat issues. These issues include operations, inventory management, what to do when in a crisis, expansion, and investing. While the WSLCB expects absolute perfection, implementing some basic guidelines into your operation will generally help your business stay in their good graces. Consider it “Pot Law: 101”

Erik Halverson, Managing Attorney, Halverson Law, PLLC

Erik Halverson is the Managing Attorney at Halverson Law, PLLC. He is heavily involved on the front lines of the cannabis industry, having been introduced to the industry during the legalization phase in Colorado and following this up with providing business counsel to the top retailers and producer/processors in Washington State. Through his various work with retailers, producer/processors and ancillary service companies, Erik has grown Halverson Law to occupy a major footprint in the Washington State cannabis 502 industry as a leading 502 cannabis business attorney.

In his marijuana law practice, Erik has assisted in rehabilitating numerous retail and producer operations, obtaining licenses for clients, and navigating the complex and often frustrating regulations that the industry is tied to. Often, these transactions and violation defense require out of the box thinking, a true understanding of the pressures on marijuana-related businesses, and a true commitment to the needs and goals of clients.

Along with being a resource for his clients, Erik also educates other professionals in the marijuana industry. Most recently, he has presented on “Marijuana Business Law” for the National Business Institute and “Pot Law: What you need to know” for Trends. This is Erik’s second year presenting at CannaCon Northwest. Consider this year’s seminar part 2 to his presentation last year, “The Basic Dos and Don’ts of Operating in the Cannabis Industry,” as he delves in deeper to help cannabis business owners avoid some of the biggest traps we’ve encountered.

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