Sustainable Cannabis Production

June 1, 2018 | 1:20 pm | Room 141 | Cultivation

As the cannabis industry grows so will regulations. Lawmakers are focused on nutrient washout, water quality, and water conservation. Overhead costs for cultivation centers will rise if regulations demand equipment for disposing and treating outputs. Cultivation centers paying for city water and states with water conservation regulations like California are looking for ways to reduce consumption and waste. Growing outdoors has its own problems of water and nutrient run off. Focus on the future of a sustainable cannabis industry that brings solutions instead of problems to communities that opt in to the cannabis business. Also, to set the stage for sustainable indoor growing of food and other medicinal herbs as a viable business model for agricultural enterprises. We call cannabis the gateway herb. As big pharma continues to fail other medicinal herbs combined with a healthy diet will become more popular. Local sustainable food sources and home growing are trending and the cannabis industry is leading the way with innovative growing methods.

chris jaworski

Chris Jaworski