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Success with Solventless: Orienting Your Business for Profitability

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This seminar will focus on how to add or improve solventless processing at any extraction laboratory through real world examples. Solventless extraction, which creates products such as rosin, ice water hash, and sift, is quickly becoming the #1 sought after product of connoisseur consumers. In order to compete in the solventless space, businesses must align themselves for success in order to create the right SKUs that consumers are demanding. The presentation will cover data surrounding cannabis processing, what solventless SKUs are popular, which genetics are needed for success, and how to ultimately set your business up for profitability with solventless processing.

Lead by Josh Rutherford, the owner of both Kush Masters and PurePressure, this seminar will give attendees the tools they need to dramatically improve their own solventless processing as well as a blueprint for new businesses looking to begin doing so.

The objective of this presentation is to give attendees the tools and ideas they need to profitably and successfully run a solventless processing business or division of their extraction operations through real world examples, anecdotes, and proven measures.

Josh Rutherford

Josh Rutherford, Owner, Kush Masters & PurePressure

Josh Rutherford has an immense amount of experience in the cannabis industry and has been active for nearly a decade growing, extracting, consulting, and running businesses. Josh serves as the co-founder of PurePressure and PureCannalabs, as well as the CEO of Kush Masters, an award winning cannabis processing facility in Boulder, Colorado, among other roles at other cannabis businesses as well. Josh keenly understands the ins and outs of cultivation and processing, having helped launch a variety of products both on dispensary shelves and in the extraction equipment space.

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