Solar 101: Utilizing Solar Energy in the Cannabis Industry

March 31, 2023 | 12:00 pm | Room 1 | Operations Management

Grows in Oklahoma continue to experience heightened electric costs for their businesses. With solar power, we aim to reduce monthly energy costs by 80 or 90% and significantly reduce your carbon footprint. Homegrown solar energy has never been more affordable with the new 30% tax credit. Join us for this special ‘Solar 101’ presentation to learn how your grow can utilize solar energy.

J.W. Peters, President, Solar Power of Oklahoma

J.W. Peters is an experienced business owner, solar advocate, and leader in renewables in Oklahoma. Driven by his unrelentless passion to have every Oklahoman own a solar generation system for their home, he takes pride in educating Oklahomans on the benefits of renewables and the cost savings of solar. As one of the founders of Solar Power of Oklahoma, he’s spent the past seven years building a company that will provide the absolute best customer experience for their prospective and current customers. J.W. leads by example, including his time spent installing solar on hot Oklahoma summer roofs alongside his business partner Kevin Jones in the early years of the company. J.W. is an active member of his community and currently serves on the board of the Civic Center Foundation and the Oklahoma Renewable Energy Council, is an alumnus of Salt and Light Leadership Training, and gives numerous talks throughout the year across the state about the importance of solar energy.