Seeing Around Corners – Growing a Successful Business From the Ground Up

August 16, 2024 | 3:00 pm | Room 2 | Business / Legal

This presentation will examine the legal considerations and best practices for establishing and managing successful cannabis businesses. The course covers the unique regulatory landscape, key legal issues, and strategic planning essential for navigating the complexities of cannabis business ventures. The objectives are:

  • Review the fundamentals of business formation and partnership structures in the cannabis industry.
  • Key legal and regulatory considerations specific to cannabis business ventures.
  • Analyze best practices for drafting partnership agreements, considerations in cannabis contracts, and business management agreements and relations.
  •  Strategies for ensuring compliance and mitigating legal risks in the cannabis industry

Aaron John

Aaron John’s practice centers on zealously representing clients through civil and administrative litigation, from the onset of disputes through judgment enforcement. Aaron has successfully resolved countless matters for various clients through summary judgment proceedings, settlement negotiations, mediation, arbitration, and trial. Prior to joining Harris Sliwoski, Aaron’s practice focused on litigation and regulatory compliance, first- and third-party insurance defense, real estate transactions and disputes, creditor rights advocacy, foreclosure proceedings, bankruptcy, and criminal defense. Through the years, Mr. John has represented individual and corporate clients in both state and federal courts after having been admitted to practice law in Washington, Missouri, Minnesota and Alabama.