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Resident Analytical Insight in Cannabis Manufacturing

August 6, 2021 | 4:00 pm | 33 | Operations Management

The cannabis industry is at a very important precipice in its path to being a legitimate and trustworthy consumer space. As unheard-of investment, organizational mergers, and fierce competition feed the beast of cannabis commerce explosion, organizations must consider where quality fits into the picture. Harmonized federal guidance on the best practices for analysis of cannabinoid potency notwithstanding, forward-thinking organizations look to adopt the best practices from other highly-regulated and risk-adverse industries like pharmaceutical manufacturing and food/agrosciences. Operational executives from these neighboring industries have learned that the most successful quality programs use a multi-tiered approach that involves highly specific lab-based technologies that drive the edge of research, layered with analogous fit-for-purpose technologies for vast, high-volume screening checkpoints.

These screening challenges range from multi-point biomass screenings, spent material checks, conversion monitoring in extraction, through to finished-form product quality control in ever-evolving product types, from flower to distilled cartridges, and to endless edible and low-dosage beverage options. We’ll touch on some standout case studies from real-world cultivators and extraction teams, and look more deeply at scaled opportunity calculations for small, medium, and vast MSO-level operations who employ resident portable analysis at unmet commercial manufacturing screening checkpoints, as well as consider the consumer safety and positive brand impact of excelled quality control programs.

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Jill Carreiro, Vice President- Sales, Orange Photonics

Jill Carreiro is the Vice President, Sales, for New Hampshire-headquartered Orange Photonics, manufacturer of LightLab Portable Cannabis Analyzer, the world’s only fit-for-purpose portable HPLC that can determine cannabinoid profile and potency. Coming from the pharmaceutical manufacturing space, Jill brings a deep understanding of regulatory compliance, GMP, and the intersection of quality testing, product consistency, and consumer safety.

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