Refining the Extraction Process with On-site Testing

August 27, 2022 | 2:45 pm | Room 1 | Extraction

In the rapidly evolving world of cannabis extraction, there exists a wide spectrum of philosophies on ideal methods and best practices. Without access to accurate and affordable analytical tools, extraction specialists had limited opportunity to make data-driven conclusions real-time.

Process-tracking practices with on-site analytical technology can provide invaluable data to cannabis extractors, helping them optimize end products, achieve quality goals, improve operations, and support commercial success. This presentation highlights real-world case studies and success stories from extractors utilizing on-site testing within their operations.

Jill Carreiro, Vice President, Orange Photonics

Jill Carreiro is an engineer, artist, gardener, mother of four, lifetime cannabis nerd and she proudly serves as the Vice President of New Hampshire-based Orange Photonics, manufacturer of LightLab Portable Cannabis Analyzer, the world’s only fit-for-purpose portable HPLC that can determine cannabinoid profile and potency, for 20 analytes in over 20 sample forms. Coming from the GMP/GLP pharmaceutical manufacturing space, Jill is keenly aware of the intersection of internal quality testing, product consistency, and consumer safety, and she works passionately to help cultivators, processors, extractors, and regulators to understand the value of sound scientific data. [email protected] (603) 573-9212 x 705