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Pre-Roll Industry Trends & Insights

August 7, 2021 | 4:00 pm | 32 | Processing

After surveying over 130 pre-roll manufacturers and brands across the United States and Canada, Custom Cones USA partnered with Headset to take a deep dive into all the trends, insights, and nuances about the pre-roll industry. Spanning everything from sales trends to packaging and equipment trends, Custom Cones and Headset were able to uncover new trends within this fast growing sector of the cannabis industry.

The objective of this presentation would be to shed more light and deep analytics into the pre-roll sector of the cannabis industry, which is one of the fastest growing and most popular sectors of the industry. This presentation would be useful for both small farms and brands, as well as larger multi-state operators, as the data reveals both micro and macro trends.

cannnacon exhibitors

Harrison Bard, Co-Founder, Custom Cones USA

Harrison Bard is one of the co-founders of Custom Cones USA, a full service pre-roll supply company for the B2B cannabis space. Custom Cones USA is Harrison’s second successful start-up and prior to that, he worked at Amazon helping key vendors scale and optimize their businesses.

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