Picking the right equipment the first time

March 31, 2022 | 4:00 pm | Room 2 | Processing

The most difficult decisions that processors face is choosing from the many choices of extraction equipment options when it comes to planning out their facility. By helping new entrants into the market understand what equipment produces what end products is critical to making the right decisions.

Andrew Yoon, CEO/Founder, Xtractor Depot

Andrew Yoon has over 10+ years in the cannabis industry with expertise in the field of extractions/processing and business strategy. As a former processor himself, Andrew spent many years learning the industry hands on and learning the pain points of the clients he serves now.

In 2016, he opened Xtractor Depot with the vision of growing it into the premier extraction equipment supply store in the country and made it his mission to solve all the pain points he discovered during his time as an extractor. Now, Xtractor Depot has quickly grown into the industry leader when it comes to everything related to extracting and processing cannabis. With its two brick and mortar locations in SoCal and a new location opening in Oklahoma City, Xtractor Depot is poised to grow with the industry as new markets develop. By bringing the expertise gained from serving the Los Angeles market, Andrew aims to take his clients in Oklahoma to the next level through their services at Xtractor Depot.

Outside of Xtractor Depot, Andrew loves to stay active by playing tennis, golf, and ice hockey weekly. Andrew is a “foodie” and loves to search for the best restaurants on Yelp, but most times it ends up being Korean barbecue or wings. He is joined by his wife, Stephanie, and their 4 dogs. Andrew has a ton of hobbies ranging from building custom water cooled computers, snowboarding, bitcoin, too many to list here.