Payroll and Cannabis Companies- The Importance of Tracking Payroll Costs to Maximize Income Tax Deductions of Salaries and Wages

  February 1, 2019 |  11:10 am

Business / Legal Path in Room 2

One of the most significant costs of operating a Cannabis company is the salaries and wages paid to employees and owners.  Bryan McDonald, Certified Public Accountant of CPAMD, will explain and navigate the financial benefits and techniques of maximizing the deductibility of these wages.  Included in this informative presentation will be the process of setting up an employee leasing company, the importance of tracking employees time and duties and of course, the compliance with  federal and state payroll tax rules.

Client Development Partner – CPAMD, Ltd. Graduated Loyola University, Chicago, 1983 Strategic, multidisciplinary CPA with an eye for innovation and financial creativity; considered an expert in the taxation of cannabis.  Bryan has worked with a varied group of dispensaries and cultivators and his skill set is vast. One of Bryan’s truths:  “Keeping money in the…

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