Packaging in a Complex Regulatory Market

June 25, 2021 | 12:30 pm | 321 | Operations Management

The presentation will focus on evolving regulatory trends in packaging and how brands can maintain compliance while still making a strong design impression. The industry is rapidly evolving with brands becoming more sophisticated in their approach to branding while still maintaining compliance with packaging restrictions. The presentation will highlight the evolution of regulations, the trends in CR compliance, and how companies can utilize safety features to gain trust in the market.

The objective of the presentation is to provide attendees with a unique prospective for approaching compliance with packaging laws. The industry has seen the CR exit-bag fade rapidly in popularity as companies ditch traditional compliance methods for more sophisticated and consumer-friendly approaches.

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Jim Andrasic, COO, Grove Bags

Except for a 14-year career in the United States Marines, Jim was born and bred in the packaging industry. Jim Andrasic is a true innovator in the cannabis space. Jim was the founder of American Pouch Converters which was the pioneer of child-resistant packaging for the legal cannabis industry. With an exciting combination of state of the art machinery, digital printing options, professional staff and prime location, his company took the industry by storm and created the first all USA Made child-resistant pouch for cannabis. The company was ultimately acquired by ACW.

Amongst other things, Jim is credited with the creation of the Intelli-Pouch ™, which is an intelligent consumer engagement, track and trace, anti-counterfeit, and brand authentication pouch.

You’ll find Jim to be passionate, down to earth, innovative in his approach and moving at a high-octane pace. He studied at UW-Milwaukee with a discipline in Manufacturing and Process Engineering. Jim is passionate about everything in his life: family, the out of doors, the veterans he mentors, and our industry.