Optimizing the Greenhouse Climate through Innovative Screen Strategies

March 31, 2023 | 1:15 pm | Room 2 | Cultivation

As the horticulture industry evolves and diversifies, growers face significant challenges while trying to create the perfect climate throughout their greenhouse. Navigating these challenges while maintaining efficient operations is a complex task, and to remain successful, growers must utilize progressive strategies and innovations to achieve their goals.

Recent innovations have proven to be successful in improving greenhouse climate management in key areas: temperature and humidity management, and natural light management through screening and the use of vertical airflow.

In this presentation, we will introduce and describe these strategies and innovations, and how cannabis growers can leverage them to optimize their climate and maximize the efficiency of their greenhouse operations.

Paul Arena, Greenhouse Climate Consultant, Svensson

Paul joined Svensson in 2022 as the Greenhouse Climate Consultant responsible for the United States and Canada.

Paul graduated from Penn State with a specialized degree in Ag Sciences called BioRenewable Systems; an applied major that intertwines the study of engineering technology, natural resources, and agriculture with fundamentals of business, entrepreneurship, and management. For the past five years, Paul has been exploring different positions in agriculture to develop a hands-on understanding of what it takes to get crops from seed to the store for plant-loving customers. He has done just about every job in the field and in the greenhouse.