Nano is the future

March 31, 2022 | 1:00 pm | Room 1 | Business / Legal, Finance

Nano solutions are the future of the cannabis industry. Nanotechnology creates water soluble particles that speed up the process at which the body can process THC, resulting in faster onset times, in many cases as low as 15-20 minutes. This allows cannabis companies to provide customers with a fast acting and easily dosable edibles option, giving them more control over the experience when compared to traditional edibles. Learn how nano works within the body, how nano solutions are transforming the edibles market, how to identify if nano is the best solution for a customer and why, as well as how you can come up with innovative product solutions in order to successfully and seamlessly integrate nanotechnology into your existing business model and product line.

Arshad Lasi, CEO, The Nirvana Group

Arshad Lasi is one of the youngest CEOs in one of the nation’s youngest industries.
In less than three years of non-stop juggling work and college life, Arshad, the 22- year-old CEO of Oklahoma based The Nirvana Group, has grown one small tobacco shop into the largest vertically integrated cannabis company in the state complete with 7 medical dispensaries, the state’s only Cash and Carry wholesaler for cannabis, cultivation, extraction, and processing facilities, house consumer brands and more. The son of two small business owners, entrepreneurship is in Arshad’s blood.
Working with his parents, Arshad used his savviness, ambition and enthusiasm to bring a small family business to the forefront of a constantly evolving industry, all while studying undergrad at the University of Houston.