Michigan Cannabis Real Estate

June 26, 2021 | 10:00 am | 321 | Business / Legal, Finance

The presentation will provide an overview of Cannabis real estate from a legal and licensing perspective, walking purchasers and sellers through the process of buying or selling real estate for a licensed cannabis use.

Scott will educate buyers and sellers of cannabis real estate on the potential issues faced in cannabis real estate transactions, as well as how to maximize a property owners return from leasing or selling “green zoned” real estate.

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Nickolas G. Calkins

“Nickolas G. Calkins is a warrior for his clients. Nick is a partner at Scott Roberts Law and serves as head of the litigation arm. He has already cemented his position as a tenacious cannabis litigator with recent victories in the Michigan Court of Appeals. Prior to joining Scott Roberts Law, Nick served as in-house counsel for a cannabis based real estate development firm, and previously acted as managing partner at Covert Law Firm in Lansing, Michigan, where his practice focused exclusively on regulatory issues involving cannabis.

When Nick isn’t fighting for his clients, he serves on the Board of Directors for a non-profit CBD company devoted to assisting military veterans. He is also an avid mountain biker and paddle boarder.”