Manufacturing and Supply Chain Challenges and Tips

September 25, 2022 | 2:45 pm | Room 2 | Operations Management

Risks of a poor supply chain. Understanding how global events effect your manufacturing schedule and what you can do to control the controllable. Understanding your inputs and how a par level can keep the lights on. The need to stay agile with new regulations and how proper planning helps.

Christopher Bentley, Executive Director, Simple Solvents

Chris is a seasoned entrepreneur in the energy and liquid solvent industries. He has founded and operated four companies and currently serves as the Chief Visionary Officer at Simple Solvents. His focus on education and ability to forecast events has enabled him to bring together a team of industry experts to build and maintain the premier liquid solvent manufacturer/supplier committed specifically to the cannabis industry. Chris is highly focused on ensuring compliance, quality control, and operational efficiency and is known throughout the industry for his wealth product knowledge and the ability to discern challenges and opportunities that lie ahead in the volatile commodities market. With relationships at ASTM, USP, TTB, and other compliance entities, Chris aims to standardize the quality specifications for solvents used in botanical extractions. He is currently working with a network of PhD chemists on a cannabis-specific liquid extraction solvent that will revolutionize the industry.