Making Sense of Cannabis Related Data

November 20, 2021 | 2:00 pm | 4D | Business / Legal, Finance

Through a real world look at operational data related to wholesale cannabis sales, order fulfillment and direct customer feedback related data, the presentation will help owners/operators of cannabis related businesses understand how to source basic data related to their operation. Specific examples including use of social media, eCommerce, inventory management and other tools are highlighted to help illustrate that relevant data is generated from a number of different sources. Additionally, the tools used to aggregate and analyze useful data can be inexpensive and integrated into current processes, without having to be a software developer.


Adam Belusko, Head of Strategy & Design, GO GO CANNA

As an early innovator in Oklahoma’s booming cannabis space, Adam Belusko, helped launch the GO GO CANNA platform of software products with his life-long friend, Zach Williams. Aimed at optimizing the cannabis supply chain through integrated order management, cashless payment and product fulfillment/logistics, the GO GO CANNA suite of products manages more than 3,000 wholesale shipments per month across multiple states. Adam has quickly established himself as an authority in the safe, secure and transparent movement of legal cannabis products. His previous speaking engagements include the Cannabis Capital Convention in Amsterdam, Cannabis Marketing Summit in Oklahoma City and others.