Let’s Talk About Sex: Save Time and Resources Through Early Sex Determination

May 17, 2024 | 11:00 am | Room 1 | Science / Genetics

Jonathan Leach will cover the following topics during his presentation: • The cannabis industry in New Mexico and its economic value. • The anatomy of a cannabis plant. • What is the visual sex determination timeline and its importance. • The differences between a male and hermaphrodite plants. • What is real-time PCR testing and what does it accomplish? • The cost savings associated with early sex determination testing.

Jonathon Leach; Microbiology Analyst, PB Laboratories

Jonathan Leach, MS received his Bachelor of Science in genetics and Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry from Clemson University and his Master of Science in genetics from Texas A&M University. Jon spent four years performing research in a breast cancer laboratory. Later, he worked as an assistant geneticist at a testing lab in Florida where he gained experience in PCR, fragment analysis, and test development. Jon performs and oversees the microbiology testing for PB Laboratories. He is responsible for microbiology test development and optimization and all microbiology data analysis.