Know Your Patients Better = Better Customer Service

March 31, 2023 | 2:30 pm | Room 2 | Business / Legal

We started out our journey looking to better understand the “Culture” of the cannabis patients. After 2600 patient interviews we started to notice patterns in certain buying, social media, and consumption habits.

The patterns identify similarities in buying habits and preferences that can help us understand patients’ needs and wants. We see every patient as an individual still so we have to use the demographics to help us build a deeper relationship faster.


One of the first things we talk about is gender. Gender is only a conversation among the “new to the industry” patients and “Connoisseur” patients. That doesn’t mean you’ll never find overlap because fundamentally we believe cannabis demographics are absent of race, religion, class, and for the most part gender. We encourage you to understand the 11 base characters but also understand we are always learning more about the patients and the market is creating new types of patients daily.

Kenneth Starlin, Operations Director, WhataWaste, LLC.

Business Conspiracy theorist | Building a cult of compassion, empathy, and personal growth in the Cannabis industry though meeting the patients