KlickTrack: Creating a global POS platform from inside the store.

January 31, 2019 | 1:00 pm | Room 2 | Business / Legal

The cannabis industry is moving at light speed. Now, more than ever, a
cannabis retailer’s POS systems needs to be nimble, innovative, and forward
thinking. Up until now, it’s been a patchwork of repurposed retail software that is
woefully inadequate. Experiencing first-hand the pain points a retailer faces day
after day and looking toward the future of cannabis, both nationally and globally,
Steve and the team at Klicktrack understand intimately the solutions that are

steve kessler

Steve Kessler, Klicktrack Co-founder, Cannabis retail pioneer and industry visionary

Steve Kessler began his career as a New York City and LA-based commercial photographer,
where he worked primarily as a still photographer for feature films. Steve also produced and
directed an award-winning feature film in 2007, entitled Getting High, and taught courses at
the New York Film Academy. Following a two-year sabbatical in England, Steve moved to
Seattle in 2011 where he met Grammy-award winning musician Brendan Hill of Blues Traveler
fame. Together he and Brendan helped pioneer the legal cannabis retail industry by totally
rethinking the customer experience, as is well documented in Forbes, CNN, Time, Money, and
Architectural Digest. They were among the first in North America to merchandise by brand in a
highly curated and architecturally pleasing environment. Based on four years of high-volume
cannabis retail operational experience, Steve and Brendan founded KlickTrack to address the
multitude of major problems with all existing point-of-sale (POS) systems by uniting
compliance, flexibility and intelligence. Steve holds a BA in economics from Hobart College.