It’s Complicated: Workplace Safety in Cannabis

August 7, 2021 | 10:00 am | 32 | Operations Management

This presentation is an introduction to the complicated world of workplace safety and health. All employers have a legal responsibility to protect workers from the hazards in their operation. We identify the types of hazards that exist and how to create an effective safety plan for the cannabis workplaces that both protects employees and mitigates risk.

Understand the complex hazards that exist in cannabis workplaces. Understand the responsibility cannabis employers have to protect employees and mitigate risk. Understand the written plans needed for an effective safety program. Understand the employee training needed for an effective safety program.

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Matthew Clark, Director of Compliance and Safety, IEC Thermo H.E.M.P Dryers

Matthew first joined the legal cannabis industry in 2015 in Washington State. With the nationwide legalization of hemp production in late 2018 he turned his attention to hemp as well. He has managed all aspects of cannabis and hemp production and processing across the supply chain. Matthew has worked with IEC Thermo since 2019 as the Director of Compliance. From retail to large scale cannabis and hemp production, processing, and extraction he understands the processes and provides practical solutions and information to help clients succeed.