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Introduction to Cannabis testing; Laboratory Start-up

July 29, 2020 | 10:00 am | TBC | Operations Management

Are you interested in starting a cannabis testing laboratory? Are you curious how to develop and/or implement internal analytical testing procedures for additional quality control? Navigating the world of Cannabis testing is quite an undertaking and can be overwhelming. Knowing some of the challenges ahead can greatly mitigate risks. From a growers perspective it is important to vet third party testing laboratories for reliability and production turn-around times. From a laboratory perspective it is equally important to validate all methods and workflows, ensuring testing results are scientifically sound. With decades of experience in supporting and establishing regulatory compliant testing laboratories within Pharmaceutical, Toxicology and Cannabis industries, Simon Bergeron Amy Graves will walk you though the initial planning phases. This introductory presentation will cover the basics in Cannabis analytical laboratory start-up, from build out to production.

Chanece Wagner, National Account Manager, Specialty Testing Solutions

Entrepreneur with over 25 years specialization in laboratory testing support services, including method development, application and engineering

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