Intro to extraction

September 25, 2022 | 1:15 pm | Room 1 | Processing

The presentation will cover the following topics Types of extraction and solvent choices, equipment selection and overall budgeting and things not to forget when budgeting for your business. As well as things to look out for as your building and expanding your lab.

Ace Shelander, CEO, Beaker & Wrench

Ace Shelander is CEO and Cofounder of Beaker & Wrench, a cannabis oil distillation and processing equipment comapny. He is featured along side his Co-founder Lilibel on the cover of Marijuana Venture and he is also featured on MjBizDaily Podcast Seed to CEO. Ace engineered the robot, “Gemini” for the second season of the TV show Battlebots. He is a native of the Bay Area and enjoys kiteboarding, skiing, and water polo.