Insurance 101 “How to Protect your Business”

March 31, 2022 | 1:00 pm | Room 2 | Business / Legal

When starting or expanding a business, there are a ton of considerations that are taken into account from an operational perspective. More often than not, one aspect of having a fully functioning business that is overlooked is your insurance and risk management program. This session will give you the background of the basic types of insurance needed for cannabis companies both small and large to make sure your business is fully protected.

Isaac Bock, Managing Director Head of Strategy, Alpharoot

Isaac Bock is the Managing Director and Head of Strategy for AlphaRoot, a
groundbreaking insurance company based in the emerging market of cannabis.
A Penn graduate and currently pursuing a Masters of Science in medical
cannabis science and therapeutics at the University of Maryland, Bock first
joined Founder Shield in 2017 before taking over their newly created AlphaRoot
Originally employed by a traditional insurance power, Isaac’s entrepreneurial
spirit and passion for providing quality service attracted him to Founder Shield,
which at the time was in its infancy. Isaac attributes his career switch to the
personal and professional alignment of Founder Shield’s executives, where
shortly after he was asked to launch AlphaRoot in the rapidly growing market of
Dedicated to changing outdated perceptions, Isaac’s motivation to bring holistic
medication back into the mainstream is where his passion resides. Interacting
with co-workers and clients, Isaac’s focus on building relationships is key to his
success as he realizes people are who they surround themselves with; thus
continuously pushing to be among the best both in insurance and cannabis.
When Isaac isn’t out changing the world’s view on cannabis, he can be found
representing Israel for their national indoor lacrosse team

Eric Schneider, Managing Director, Alpharoot

As managing director of the cannabis insurance startup, AlphaRoot, Eric
Schneider finds himself at the forefront of a blooming industry.
Considering himself passionate both personally and professionally, Eric’s free
time spent on cooking, fishing, and playing sports is met with the complexities of
driving business in the field of cannabis and holistic medicine.
Management Liability and Property/Casualty are considered true strengths of
the native New Yorker, as his honest but competitive nature helped triple
AlphaRoot’s book of business in 2021.
Dedicated to his clients best interests, Eric attributes his success to focusing on
the process and being detailed oriented versus being caught up in the bigger
picture as many are with traditional insurance companies.
Determined to learn how businesses are operated rather than content with pure
sales, Eric’s true interest resides in evolving AlphaRoot into becoming an
industry giant as he helps lead the company moving forward.
Eric’s mantra of having heart, being smart, and most importantly, having fun,
carries the AlphaRoot team as they evolve into the future of cannabis.