Increasing Profits with Correct Genetic Selection

July 22, 2022 | 12:45 pm | Room 2 | Cultivation

Increasing Profits with Proper Genetic Selection

The right genetics increase profits, while the wrong ones can sink your company.

Having a clear goal for your next genetic acquisition is the key to making the correct selection. Effectively communicating that goal to a cannabis nursery owner allows them to help walk you through the options.

There are various pitfalls in genetics selection, and it is one of three main levers a cannabis cultivation facility can pull to increase margins.

Nathan Nielhuus, CEO, Prima Clones

Nate is the CEO of Prima Clones, an organization that uses the latest technology to move forward breeding, pheno-hunting, and cultivation.

Prima Clones is responsible for selecting many of Michigan’s top cultivars and sprout over 2,000 seeds per year hunting for the next best cultivar.

In addition to massive amounts of pheno-hunting, testing, R&D, and breeding – Prima Clones offers tissue culture services.