Hydrocarbons for the Botanical Extraction Industry

May 27, 2021 | 12:30 pm | 209 | Processing

Will introduce extractors to the hydrocarbon industry, safe practices, leak detection systems, the importance of proper cylinder cleaning, valve options, container options, and maximum fill volumes into standard containers. Will be specifically targeting issues of concern for hydrocarbon extraction.

General education on Normal Butane, Isobutane and Propane solvents. The extractors that use hydrocarbons would greatly benefit from this presentation. Most are happily unaware of the nuances of hydrocarbon solvent industry.


jim avolt

Jim Avolt, Director Of Operations, Quality Extraction Group

Has been in the specialty gas and chemical business since mid-90’s. Strong knowledge of entire packaged gas and chemical industry.

Currently Director of Operations at Quality Extraction Group, a hydrocarbon fill plant in Ohio, providing instrument grade hydrocarbon solvents into the botanical extraction industry.