How to Work with Local Units of Government to Secure Facility Locations

July 30, 2020 | 10:00 am | TBC | Business / Legal

One of the most import steps in building a successful cannabis company is location. With only just over 100 of Michigan’s 1,600 pus municipalities opting into allowing marijuana facilities we have a lot of work to do to create opportunities. We will give business owners the tools and strategies they need to effectively communicate and work with local units of government. With the right plan, approach and advocacy business owners can create their own destiny.

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Justin Dunaskiss, Partner/COO, Dunaskiss Consulting & Development

Justin is a graduate of Michigan State University and hold dual degrees in Business Management and Political Science. Before joining DCD, he was a commercial real estate executive with vast knowledge of planning and zoning. he also spent five years working for a multi-national corporation, where he grew their market share in six key markets for five years running.

Since the 2011-2012 legislative session, Justin and his firm have been at the forefront of medical cannabis policy. Justin and his firm have true passion and erudition about the cannabis laws and regulations.

In addition to his work with legislators, regulators, and stakeholders in the drafting and passage of policy, he also serves on the boards of a number of charities and foundations.

When he is  not helping shape cannabis policy I enjoy spending time with my wife, Elisa and their two children, Lyla and Grayson.