How to Strategically Navigate the Complex and Competitive Landscape of the Virginia Cannabis Market to Take your Business and Investments to the Next Level

November 20, 2021 | 3:30 pm | 4D | Operations Management

As the expansion of the cannabis market resumes in the wake of the pandemic, investors are eager to enter the Virginia cannabis market which is projected to reach over $50 million in sales by 2024. An established regulated retail cannabis market in Virginia is on the horizon, however there are still hurdles to clear with several years of regulatory work ahead and elections approaching. Investment enthusiasm must be tempered by calculated planning and awareness of the challenges and inherent risks in this rapidly evolving market. Now is the crucial time to strategically prepare applications, build successful teams, and place future investments in companies that are positioned to be successful industry leaders.
In this session, Nic Easley, CEO of 3C Consulting and Managing Director of Multiverse Capital, will share his insights and experience from the operational, regulatory, and investment sides of the cannabis industry to educate all on the dos and don’ts from the trenches and how to create successful businesses and investments for years to come. Nic will coach entrepreneurs and investors on how to navigate the critical areas of business planning and applications, regulatory compliance, and profitability. Gain a deeper understanding through Nic’s industry overview and learn how to prepare for the future in Virginia, identify the other opportunities in other emerging states, and investing in public vs. private markets.

Sergio Barraza-Ingstrom, COO, 3C Consulting, LLC

Sergio Barraza-Ingstrom is an expert in licensing, business processes, and financial modeling,
and has secured licenses for clients domestically and internationally since joining 3C in 2018.
Sergio holds an MBA in financial analytics, and in 2021 Sergio began taking the lead on
financial modeling and capital raising for 3C. Sergio is an avid Master Rower, and is fluent in
several languages He graduated with degrees from Phillips Exeter, Columbia, and the University
of Cambridge.