How to permanently reduce your cost per pound

October 14, 2022 | 11:00 am | Room 1 | Operations Management

The is a great deal of discussion about the economics of the industry have changed (dramatically for many) and most focus on headcount. This leaves fewer people to deal with even more. Learn how industries like food processing and pharma leverage supplier consolidation to reduce their total cost of product acquisition and possession permanently while improving quality, employee satisfaction and safety.

Alex DeFazio, Account Manager, CanGrow Solutions, Inc

Alex DeFazio is an Account Manager at CanGrow Solutions, a first to market Consolidated Distributor for essential business supplies and consumables, exclusively for cannabis cultivators and manufacturers with the primary focus on permanently reducing costs per pound. 

A Native of New York, Alex held his first cultivation position at a large commercial grow facility in upstate New York in 2002.  Although cultivation remained his passion, he pivoted to grow his federal contracting and technology career from the US Virgin Islands to Washington, DC.  After years of success and contributing to the sale of his first tech start-up, as well as becoming the Director of Operations for a Federal Government consulting firm, he began to realign his career with his cannabis passion by founding Nova Green Thumb, a Virginia based consulting company providing free cannabis plants and educational/maintenance services to harness the recreational cannabis laws in Virginia. 

Alex joined CanGrow Solutions because its mission aligned with his core values, to create an environment predicated on the safety, growth, and future of entire Cannabis Industry.