How to buy safe lab supply.

May 20, 2023 | 2:00 pm | Room 1 | Processing

With Benzene, Crashing and Medusa Stones causing significant losses and product liability for extractors around the country, Lexis Shontz will share with you best practices and standards based on his work with chemical engineers, testing labs and government agencies to ensure toxic impurities don’t compromise your business.

Lexis Shontz, CEO & Founder, Solvent Direct Inc.

With 20 years in the California Cannabis markets and over 10 years distributing High Purity Lab Supply to Extraction, Lexis Shontz embodies the pioneering entrepreneurship needed to excel in this boom industry. Solvent Direct Inc has national presence and a private fleet of 10 trucks making same day and next day deliveries around the US. When Lexis isn’t focused on the day to day needs of his supply team, he is working closely as a member of the Cannabis Board, D37 – 03 -04 at ASTM, CGA and GAWDA to write federal standards for high purity lab supply engineered specifically for extraction.