How DetroitTech will Free The Plant through technology.

July 22, 2022 | 2:00 pm | Room 1 | Cultivation

Many have always believed DetroitTech moves the world. Since the automotive boom in the early 1900’s, it was Detroit that took the lead in that charge to move the world and change it as we know it. The new rise of the global cannabis chase has presented Detroit with yet again another opportunity to make its mark on the global expansion of cannabis, through the basis, strengths, and ideologies of technology. In my seminar we look to highlight the greatness of Detroit and its industry leading minds that have trailblazed the cannabis technology space. DetroitTech and its people, its innovators, its entrepreneurs will yet again change the world and move the cannabis technology space forward into the next generation. Ultimately freeing the plant and breaking down every stigma surrounding the most powerful plant on the planet. Cannabis dreamers, growers, entrepreneurs, legacy operators, visionary’s, and of course all Detroiters this seminar is for you.

Jerry Dababneh, Founder | CEO, GrowXa.i Technologies, LLC

Jerry Dababneh is a Detroit native that stands as a leading national voice in the advocacy and growth of the global cannabis market. Jerry, also known as JayD Daba, is a founder, serial entrepreneur, visionary, thought leader, philanthropist, humanitarian, and a passion filled advocate for the federal legalization of the marijuana plant and the release of 40,000 prisoners still wrongly incarcerated behind its criminalization. His missions are often quoted to be his vision to: “Free The Plant” which he believes is the catalyst to freeing all still incarcerated from it. He believes, freeing of the plant will give way to breaking the negative stigmas still surrounding the plant, ultimately shattering barriers to: “Free The 40k”.

JayD’s entry into the cannabis technology space came in 2016 through the financial sector of the industry. As a former financial advisor and estate planner to multiple athletes, entertainers and prominent CEO/Founders over the last 20 years in his career, building his practice around the principles of asset protection and the transitioning of generational wealth for his clients. Most notable mention, Mr. Robert Yosatis, Founder of Bradley Pacific Aviation, Inc., an airline which was sold to Ross Aviation, Inc in 2008. The sale then set the stage for Mr. Yosaitis’s entry into the cannabis space on the medical side of cannabis, ultimately giving JayD a front row seat to the national development of the cannabis space. Mr. Yosaitis has an extremely decorated career across multiple industries from the cannabis space, to aviation, to being one of the world’s leading distributors of Jet fuel. With multiple national and global exposures in the cannabis space, led by his early investing and ownership interests in national cannabis companies like and Cookies SF.

JayD went on to parlay his decorated 22 year financial career into the cannabis technology and finance space. Here he began his reign on the cannabis space as a leading advisor to multiple national cannabis projects on the banking obstacles and hurdles they faced on their chase of IPO, most coming by way of the Canadian exchange. His unique entry and viewpoint of the industry manifested his founding of five (5) influential cannabis companies to date, HomeGrown Pros, Inc (HGP) – GrowXai Technologies, LLC (GXAI) – HomeGrown Apparel Co. (hgA)- CloneZ, Inc (clnZ) –, together manifesting 18 cannabis brands that have made their way into the global cannabis market since 2016.

In 2019 the Founding of HomeGrown Pros, Inc (HGP) was his first of many companies to enter the space, and set to be one of the most influential cannabis companies to date. HomeGrown Pros, Inc (HGP) identifies as a hybrid e-commerce retailer of hydroponics and gardening equipment, as well as a service company that sets the stage for his family of companies. In its formation and powered by sister company GrowXa.i Technologies (GXAI), both together brought with them multiple first to market technologies, a first to market service, and grounded in their infrastructure, a first to market business model that is changing the game as we know it. Home to brands like the MambaLine GrowKit (A tribute to the Late Great Kobe Bryant), is their most prolific and automated line of GrowKit released in beta for the Detroit market in 2020. Each of their now 8 current GrowKit lines come in multiple sizes with multiple levels of automation and powered by “The GrowX APP ” which is set to unveil at CannaCon in Detroit, MI on July 22- 2022. A GrowXa.i Technologies flagship software/tech “The GrowX APP” is being introduced after 3 years of Beta and Alpha. It brings along with it one of the most robust API’s in the space. Taking the Peloton model into the cultivation space. They have tested the greatest equipment, they have monitored the most optimal systems and processes, and they have optimized automation, but they didn’t stop there. The GrowX APP helps manage and organize the cultivation systems and processes, storing its relevant data controlling the cultivation process. With powerful features like their GrowMaster on Demand feature and its proprietary GrowTracker Technology they have paved the way for a new day in home cultivation. (HGP) (GXAI) offers the general public an opportunity to cultivate confidence while empowering their education along the way. ” The Founding of HomeGrown Pros, Inc and GrowXa.i Technologies, LLC was sprouted by one simple premise and one simple premise alone. Follow me here, In select cannabis states 100% of the population over the age of 21 were given the gift to grow at home, but yet 99% of them have no idea how to utilize that gift and grow. And that’s it, Its as simple as that 100% got a gift but 99% of them can’t open it to take advantage of that gift. We’re here to help humanity realize their gifts and more so their rights . Our company’s basis and core values are cemented deeply in an offering for humanity to control its own cultivation, control its own food supply, and control its own med supply. Reminding them and instillIng confidence in them to understand and believe that ” You don’t have to be a pro to grow like one.” ” Jerry Dababneh Founder | Chairman GrowXa.i Technologies, LLC (GXAI), (HGP), (hgA), (clnZ) (hgxTV)

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