How cannabis businesses can prepare to scale for continuous growth

April 1, 2022 | 10:00 am | Room 2 | Business / Legal, Finance

The cannabis industry is growing significantly, set to increase in the tens of billions over the next few years. Dispensaries must lay the groundwork now to capitalize on that future growth. Technology will play a major role in this scaling up. Choosing the right point of sale, payment systems and tech stack is crucial. At BLAZE, over 90% of our customers leverage 3 or more integrations to power their business. We’ve powered over $1.4B in cannabis transactions in 2021. Choosing the foundation for which an enterprise is built can be the difference between hyper growth and no growth. Chris will go over what to look for, how to implement new technologies, and prepare for a future of industry growth.

Chris Violas, CEO, BLAZE

Chris Violas is the founder and CEO of BLAZE® responsible for ensuring the successful execution of development, strategy, and vision. His experience in the cannabis industry began over 10 years ago after he suffered an injury as a D1 soccer player at Cal Poly University. After seeking an alternative to traditional medicine, his experience with cannabis motivated him to start a cannabis delivery service on the central coast of California which he eventually sold in 2014 to pursue a career in technology. He quickly found himself as an account executive on the technology team at Rosetta, a digital ad agency, where he helped build and deploy digital technology experiences for Fortune 100 companies. In 2016, Chris became an account manager at Amazon Web Services and moved up quickly to the west coast lead for accelerators and incubators for the AWS Startup Team. While at AWS, Chris interfaced regularly with some of the most successful startups in the Bay area and worked closely with their respective CTO’s and technology teams. During this time, Chris began developing a cannabis ERP software that could help streamline operations for every sector of the seed-to-sale supply chain and BLAZE® was born. Since then, he’s led BLAZE® to successful seed and series A fundraising rounds, integrations with over 60 cannabis software partners, and processed over $1 billion in cannabis sales annually for 400+ dispensaries.