How to Win in the Extraction Market Through Automation

August 27, 2022 | 10:30 am | Room 1 | Processing

Traditionally, producing solvent-based cannabis concentrates was often a messy, potentially dangerous affair that was difficult to create consistent products run after run. Production usually required an “extraction artist” who could manage the intracrite process honed through years of training. Thanks to increased standardization and automation, those days are history.

Extraction expert and entrepreneur Kyler Buck will walk the audience through the “extraction lab of the future” and how adopting industry standards, producing purpose-built equipment, and automating equipment is helping the industry finally achieve scale where consistent, quality extracts can now be produced with minimal human intervention, 24/7.

Kyler will tell the audience about how so many other consumer products industries have gone through similar advancements over the past 150 years. He’ll speak to coffee and beer, specifically, as product categories that went through advancements that parallel the automation upon us in cannabis concentrates.

Kyler will also discuss how ethanol and hydrocarbon extraction together can enable a lab to produce a variety of products at different price points that will cater to a wide swath of the market. Furthermore, live-resin concentrates have emerged as the top concentrate type, especially in mature markets, and Kyle will discuss what makes this type of product so popular across medicinal and recreational use.

Kyler Buck, Co-Founder, Luna Technologies

The first time Kyler Buck saw cannabis oil on a friend’s dispensary shelf, he knew it was the future of the market. Back in civilian life after a three-year stint in the U.S. military, Buck slid easily into an industry he’d come to know as a medicinal user, first earning reps as a grower. After founding an extracts company, Buck determined that the industry standard for technology couldn’t keep up with the exploding demand for cannabis extracts in Oregon’s recreational market. Luna Technologies was established to provide an answer for a tough-to- scale, labor-intensive cannabis extraction need.