High-Efficiency Extraction: Learn How MN Power Companies Can Fund Your Lab

August 18, 2024 | 12:00 pm | Room 1 | Science / Genetics

Government agencies are starting to mandate that cannabis businesses address their environmental impact on the land, water, and the atmosphere. The SEC even now requires ecological impact studies in annual reports, and many counties require them for permits. Extraction labs, with their solvent use and big energy footprints, are under scrutiny. But in Minnesota, Power Utility Districts (PUDs) are now offer cash incentives for high-efficiency equipment. The bottom line is resource consumption isn’t just bad for the planet – it’s a profit killer. The answer to this dilemma for Minnesota extractors is going green.

Creating an efficient extraction lab in Minnesota begins with understanding which finite resources are used and can be conserved or avoided. This process starts with facility planning to minimize space usage, followed by process planning to optimize functions. By integrating new technologies, labs reduce consumables like power and reduce their carbon footprint while saving money.

This workshop is your roadmap to creating Sustainable, Cost-Efficient Labs in Minnesota. We’ll show new and existing extraction facility managers how to cut costs and supercharge productivity. Don’t miss the finale where we reveal how to get PUDs to fund your efficiency upgrades, as outlined in Steve Fuhr’s Marijuana Venture article: “Extraction Efficiency Grants – Power-Up Your Profits”

Steve Fuhr, Sales and Business Development Director, SciPhy Systems

Steve has over 13 years of experience in the cannabis industry, including growing, processing, and infusing edibles. He founded one of the country’s first legal cannabis production-processing facilities in Washington and secured one of the first “green” bank accounts. In 2018, he raised $4.5M to build a large-scale cGMP hemp processing facility in Oregon. Today, he is a consultant to hemp and cannabis companies around the world, as well as a Director of Sales for SciPhy Systems. Steve is also the COO of a New York processing start-up, and he regularly contributes to industry publications like Hemp Benchmarks and Marijuana Venture. In addition, Steve has been featured as a speaker at events like The Global Cannabis Executive Conference in Toronto, NECANN, and the International Cannabis Business Conference (ICBC) in Berlin Germany.