Growing with Hydroxyls

July 27, 2018 | 2:30 pm | Room 102 | Cultivation

Shawna will discuss the importance of a clean grow environment, the negative and positive effects associated. Shawna will explain the importance of hydroxyls in the grow environment and the impact it can have on personnel, plants, and equipment.


Shawna Carter

Shawna  has worked in and with many different industries, but she has found the Cannabis one of the most exciting. The company she work’s for specializes in air purification. As we saw the market rapidly growing, it was clear that many facets of the cultivation and production process are in desperate need of clean, odor reduced environments for the benefit of the plants and personnel. Shawna has helped develop the research and testing, as well as  marketing. Shawna strive’s to educate people about the importance of a clean, safe growth environment, the health benefits for employees, and the importance of odor-mitigation compliance.