Grow Tips & Tricks with Exotic Mike

October 7, 2023 | 1:00 pm | Room 1 | Cultivation

Whether you are a professional grower or planting your first seeds at home this is a must attend seminar. Mike has won many awards over the years for his flower, rosin, and seeds, including breeder of the year. This is your chance to learn from an expert, ask questions, and get different tips and tricks on how he handles different difficult situations with growing his genetics.

Mike, Founder, Exotic Genetix

It all began in a little Hydroponic store in Tacoma Washington. Early on in the medical days Mike would donate time in exchange for garden equipment at his local hydro store. Day after day familiar faces would always come in asking for the best thing to kill bugs or powdery mildew. This was a common practice back then. Being as most medical patients trying to grow their own medicine would find themselves getting their starts from the local clone guys. It was also extremely common for those same clone guys to carry a plethora of bugs, mildew, and disease. We all know that there isn’t much you can do when you start a garden off with problems like any of those, similar to a wild fire just waiting to take down a forest.
Seeing this time and time again, he decided to help with anything he could to assist his fellow medical patients’ success in producing medicine for themselves. That’s when he put up a small tent and attempted my first seed making project. He figured if he could give these guys a clean start from seed, and as long as they started with a clean room and didn’t bring anything foreign into their areas, they would no longer have to deal with disease or pest nuisances destroying their hard work.
The first breeding experiment resulted in 3 strains, Supernatural, Essence, and Flurple. He brought these seeds with him to work and every time someone would come in talking about bug spray, or what to use to kill powdery mildew, he would hand them some seeds. He told them, go dump the junk, clean your room thoroughly, and pop these seeds. Most people would look at him kind of puzzled as if he were giving them some type of magic seed pack or something. To their surprise however, just about everyone who he gave them to, came back after having a successful cycle asking for more seeds.
After handing out free seeds for over a year he realized he couldn’t keep up with the demand and began coming up with new projects and varieties that he thought would work well in the community. He was always looking for the best of the best. He wanted the biggest, frostiest, rank smelling flowers he could find, and it became an obsession of mine to find those possibilities. All he could think of day and night was what would come next and how he could get there in the process. Through a network of great friends, and an undying passion for greatness, Exotic Genetix was born and he couldn’t have been prouder of what had been created.
Over the years to come the recognition began to follow. Cannabis Cups for best Flowers, Hash, and much more began to stack in our trophy case along with awards for best seed company and breeder of the year. Winning an award for just about anything in life is pretty damn cool, but being recognized by the industry, your peers, and satisfied customers makes it all worth it in the end.
This entire journey started out of love, passion, and desire for the plant. A constant drive to learn from past mistakes, and to gain knowledge and wisdom with every step taken. By continuing these very important values, putting out a quality product, and constantly striving for the best, I can only hope that the success continues for many years to come.