Government Relations – Writing Your Own Future

January 11, 2020 | 12:10 pm | 315 | Business / Legal, Finance

In this presentation Ezra will focus on the importance of including government relations as a strategic part of your business plan.  Government regulation and tax rates imposed on the marijuana and hemp industries determine the profitability and viability of your business plan.  Don’t let others write your future!  Stay engaged with your regulators and ensure that your voice is heard.  As we have all heard before, if you are not at the table you will likely be on the menu!

The objective of this presentation is to help business owners understand the importance of engaging in the regulatory process and to give them tools for successfully engaging with government.

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Ezra Eickmeyer, President, Sunrise Consulting Group

Ezra Eickmeyer has 23 years professional experience in political operations and strategy, including 15 years in government relations. He was the first Washington lobbyist to represent the marijuana industry starting in 2010.  He has extensive experience launching start-ups, including health care clinics, marijuana cultivation, political campaign operations and more.  His current focus is on business strategy consulting, specializing in marijuana and hemp related ventures.  Ezra is married and currently live in Kingston, WA where he is raising his children.  In his non-professional life he is passionate about permaculture, wild food harvesting, martial arts, dance, and adventures in nature.