Getting the Most Out of Your Cannabis Phenotype

August 7, 2021 | 4:00 pm | 33 | Cultivation, Science / Genetics

It is easy to lose track of the fundamentals along the way with new data constantly emerging and the latest cannabis cultivation trends always shifting. In this webinar, we’d like to take a step back and focus on the meaning of a phenotype and why it is a foundation to the success of your indoor cannabis cultivation business. Anders Peterson will dive deep into this core concept of phenotypic expression and explore how it drives facility design, influences cultivation practices and serves as the backbone of any cannabis company’s financial performance.
– Define phenotype as it relates to cannabis cultivation
– Learn about the factors that influence a phenotype and phenotypic expression
– Explore the impact of facility design and equipment selection on phenotypic expression when it comes to cannabis climate control and environmental crop steering
– Discuss the financial advantages and brand recognition that phenotypic expression can provide for cultivators and owners in the cannabis marketplace
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Anders Peterson, Cannabis Operations Specialist, InSpire Transpiration Solutions

Anders Peterson is a business-minded cannabis scientist who dives deep on cutting edge cannabis science and technology. The focus of his career is to better understand and unleash the potential of the cannabis plant in the hopes of helping people and improving the world around us. As part of the team at InSpire Transpiration Solutions, Anders works closely with cultivators to develop custom systems and solutions that meet the unique financial and performance goals of each cannabis business.