Finding Your Voice In A Dispensary

April 6, 2024 | 2:00 pm | Room 1 | Marketing & Branding, Operations Management

This presentation delves into the integral role of neighborhood dispensaries within medical marijuana communities and states, highlighting the deep connections formed between dispensary staff and their clients. At the core of the discussion is the unique position of dispensaries as community hubs, akin to traditional gathering places such as churches, bars, or barbershops. The speaker, the owner of Proud Mary Cannabis, shares insights into the multifaceted responsibilities that come with operating a dispensary, emphasizing not just the provision of medical cannabis but also the creation of a welcoming, safe environment for all. Through personal anecdotes and professional experience, the presentation explores how dispensaries can be more than just retail spaces—they can be vital resources for physical and mental health support, community engagement, and even public safety. By fostering open communication and genuinely connecting with clients, dispensary owners and staff can uncover and address broader community needs, from health concerns to social issues such as domestic violence and sex trafficking. This speech advocates for a compassionate, community-oriented approach to the medical marijuana business, underscoring the potential of dispensaries to contribute positively to the communities they serve.

Thunder Walker, CEO of The Thunder Walker Experience and Proud Mary Cannabis ,Oklahoma State Director M4MM

Thunder Walker is Cannabis Advocate, and Business Owner – The Thunder Walker Experience is not specifically a product but a comprehensive platform and movement in the cannabis industry, spearheaded byThunder Walker. This initiative aims to uplift the cannabis community through a combination of educational opportunities, spirituality, mystical knowledge, and well-being. The Experience is described as a journey with Thunder Walker as she shares her insights on working, living, and being a medical patient in the cannabis space, emphasizing how cannabis and psychedelics have transformed lives. Thunder Walker‘s background includes extensive expertise in real estate, cannabis, pediatrics, and entrepreneurship, making her a respected voice in the industry. The Thunder Walker Experience is characterized by its focus on deepening public understanding of cannabis, advocating for the plant’s benefits, and networking across the United States at major cannabis events (

Furthermore, The Smoke Currency Tour is closely associated with The Thunder Walker Experience. It’s an immersive journey that offers participants a rare glimpse into the cannabis industry, providing education on the plant’s cultivation, processing, and various uses. This tour emphasizes hands-on learning, networking with industry professionals, and exploring cannabis-friendly destinations. It represents a significant component of TheThunder Walker Experience, aiming to enrich participants’ understanding of cannabis and psilocybin, with stops planned across various states including Philly, Texas, and California for the 2024 tour [oai_citation:3,THE SMOKE CURRENCY TOUR](

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