Financing your Cannabis Business

August 6, 2021 | 11:30 am | 33 | Business / Legal, Finance

Discuss the best ways of financing either a startup or existing, plant-touching cannabis business. Answer such questions as; Is debt or equity better? How much “skin in the game” do I need? How to work with cannabis lenders? How do lenders make their decisions?

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Judy Rinkus, CEO and Founder, Seed to Sale Funding

Judy’s experience includes over 40 years of structuring and placing commercial loan transactions. She is an accomplished executive with a history of identifying and capitalizing on new opportunities to expand business and drive revenue. Prior to founding Seed To Sale Funding, she held diverse executive positions with a variety of national and regional commercial banks, such as Managing Director at PNC Bank, Senior Vice President at Bank of America, and Vice President at Comerica Bank. She also served as Managing Director at Amherst Partners, a boutique management consulting and investment banking firm.