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Extraction 101. Building the Right Infrastructure and Selecting the Right Solvents

May 27, 2021 | 11:15 am | 302 | Processing

Liquid Pressurized Gases are commonly used across many industries, including Cannabis and Hemp Extraction. These solvents offer many manufacturing advantages, but also raise important safety concerns for employers, employees, regulatory officials and local fire departments. These concerns can be mitigated by responsible use, storage, and transport of these solvents by well trained personnel. This presentation will discuss training methods, national fire codes, local fire authority resources and general safety recommendations from equipment manufacturers and solvent suppliers.

This session objective is to provide an introductory look at the both the benefits and risks associated with using liquid pressurized gases for cannabis and hemp extraction.

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Murphy Murri, Consultant, High Precision Gas

For the past 12 years Murphy has been active in the legal cannabis and hemp industries, beginning with a vertically integrated medical marijuana business in Colorado which included two dispensaries, five gardens and one laboratory/infused products kitchen. In 2014 Murphy consolidated her business to focus on extraction and education, specifically equipment design and operator safety training.

Today, Murphy operates a private consulting firm that focuses on equipment safety and hands-on operator training for licensed cannabis businesses worldwide. In addition to extraction equipment consultation, Murphy also leads introductory and advanced classes for concentrate production which include tours of extraction & cultivation facilities and hands-on internship/training opportunities.

Stephanie Salas, Lab Manager, High Precision Gas

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